American County Setts

American county setts go beyond national, state, and city tartans, giving additional variety. Due to some Highland Games being county events, rather than sponsored by a city, people want a tartan to reflect the whole county.

Highlanders who fled Scotland after the Battle of Culloden and the ensuing Clearances found a welcome in Maryland. Scottish Wedding Dreams History page has more information on the Jacobite Rebellions, Culloden, and the Clearances.

Maryland, particuarly in Anne Arundel County, had a lot of Scottish settlers. My own ancestors settled in Snow Mound, Maryland, in the late 1600’s.

Anne Arundel County, Maryland WR2453

Chattahoochee WR1735
Fulton County and Atlanta created this tartan to signify the spirit of co-operation between Fulton County, Georgia, and the Scottish Borders. Many Borders Scots immigrated to Georgia. The red, white and black are the team colors of the Atlanta Falcons.

Salt Lake County, Utah WR2394

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