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Why I Developed a Scottish Wedding Theme blog

At Highland Games I'd see some men and women whose Highland costumes left a lot to be desired, while others looked so terribly Scottish. I wanted to help those who didn't quite have it together, but as I thought more about it, I decided I specifically wanted to help brides who wanted to celebrate their wedding day with their Scottish heritage.

Thus Scottish Wedding Dreams was born, with Scottish Wedding Theme News following. Our purpose is to help brides learn more about the possibilities for a Scottish wedding theme by providing up-to-date news and information from online sources, Highland Games, Scottish/Celtic genre music releases, and other topics for a Scottish wedding ceremony and reception.

While growing up in a home fraught with Scottish-ness, singing Scottish ballads and dancing the Highland Fling were regular occurrences. My son and I discovered our first Highland Games in Chicago in the early 1980's. In college, my son started playing bagpipes in the 90's. As a mom this gave me an excuse to hang out at Highland games.

Family names have included Brenda, Donalda, Moira, Donald, Ross, twins Brian and Bruce, Allan, Jessie, Ronald, Turner, MacCallum, and McClellan.

The names Duncan, Scott, Stewart, MacAlister, Menzies, MacCall, Armstrong, Davis, MacVittie, Gillis, MacLachlan, Wallace, and Gordon rolled off our tongues as readily as Smith, Jones, White, Black, and Brown.

Surrounded by so much Scottish ancestry, how could I not be interested?


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