A Closet Full of Shoes Book Review

A Closet Full of Shoes Book Review
by Jo Packham and Sara Toliver

I’ve read a woman can never have too many pairs of shoes. And in this respect, I am all woman. I probably have far too many pair, none too much alike, and who cares?

My website and blog are dedicated to Scottish wedding themes, how to create and develop them, and have fun using your Scottish roots to celebrate your wedding.

So I bought A Closet Full of Shoes to see what ideas the authors had and how they might evolve with tartan, Celtic knots, and other Gaelic motifs.

Personally, I don’t wear anything with a heel over 1 inch, so I glad to see so many ideas for lower heels and flats. The stiletto heel ideas shown are great, glittery and glitzy.

From cover to cover I thoroughly enjoyed the read, the photos, and the creative ideas. It was nice to get directions about “how” to fasten the decorations on the shoes…and stockings!

Eleven creative women contributed photos and directions. There are 49 ideas for ladies, 6 for little girls, 5 work of art displays, and many more photo ideas showing slippers, sandals, flip-flops, sneakers, boots, every day shoes, dressy night-out shoes and wedding shoes.

Embellishment ideas include silk flowers, feathers, glitter and sequins; ribbons, trims, fabrics, and lace; applique, beads and buttons, stencils computerized photo transfers, painted designs (Donna Dewberry); jewelry ~ brooches, charms, trinkets, clip-on earrings. Or combinations of these decorations.

Quotes from Imelda Marcos, Sex and the City, Bette Midler, Oprah Winfrey, Marilyn Monroe, Teddy Roosevelt, Allan Sherman, and Cinderella add a whimsical humor.

My favorite quote was anonymous, “When life gives you rain, splash in the puddles,” with a pair of girls rain boots. How long since you’ve run and splashed in the puddles? Too long, I’ll bet.

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