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Scottish Wedding Theme advice and merchandise targeted for your Scottish Wedding Dreams. Offering ideas that hint and some that boldly proclaim your Celtic ancestry as you look for your:

  • bridal gown and friggle-fraggles † see Glossary
  • wedding and reception music
  • mindin’s † see Glossary
  • your clan and tartan
  • kilts and accessories, minus the brigadoonery † see Glossary
    of King George and Bonnie Willie, Lord Mayor of London
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How do you plan a Scottish theme wedding when you don’t know much about your Scottish heritage or the wedding traditions of Scotland or the Celts?

There are hundreds of high quality websites offering advice and merchandise for your wedding. Their merchandise is beautiful, useful, and creative.

But the gowns are mostly off the mark, the flower girls are too sophisticated, the floral arrangements are too modern and sleek, while the decorations are too polished.

Most Scottish theme weddings are a little simpler, a little less sophisticated, and in many cases, a lot more fun!

We’ve waded through the sites, finding the little touches and big splashes that proclaim your Scottish heritage on your wedding day.

Just picture this…

You’ve been dreaming about your Scottish theme wedding …the wedding gown, bridesmaid dress, and flower girl dress all exceed your dreams.

The piper announces your arrival as you step down the aisle on your father’s arm. The bagpipes skirl as ‘Highland Cathedral’ trills over the guests, engulfing them in your wedding music.

With each stride forward, your veil drifts gracefully behind, held in place with a wedding tiara of Celtic knots.

Each bridesmaid, carrying a Saltire, has walked down the aisle to the strains of Celtic music.

The flower girl, in her Scottish tartan flower girl dress, has strewn rose petals in your path. The fragrance of the traditional roses drifts upward as you tread on the petals…

Image source unknown

A wedding ring of intertwining Celtic knots is displayed on a Celtic knot ringbearer pillow...

And there stands your loving groom in his kilt and plaid. As he sees you, a big grin spreads across his face.

Your day of days has arrived. Your Scottish wedding theme is unfolding before your eyes…

Now, I know you're dying to look at some bridal gowns ideas first, (and you're going to go there anyway), so go ahead and take a peek at the bridal gowns suggested for your Scottish Wedding theme.

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But before you make a decision about that most important bridal dress, you need to make some wedding plan decisions, which will include your wedding budget and wedding etiquette.

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Scottish words ~ a wee Scottish dictionary of terms and words used on this website, with definitions and explanations
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